Real talk, solid truth & practical strategies

Everyone struggles with the question, “Who am I?”

I am one of the fortunate few who can answer that question with no hesitation. It brings me great joy to help others to develop a similar, shatterproof confidence that highlights who they truly are.

20 years as a life coach, counselor in private practice, facilitator, speaker and organizational development consultant have taught me a few things about what makes communication great and how to both choose, and change, one’s path. It’s all about discovering the truth about yourself and then learning to love it.

I use my whole self…all of my diverse experience, my truest heart, and my love for critical thinking and strategic perspectives.

Sometimes that means speaking a truth that people do not want to hear.

In business, as in life, we sometimes make choices from unconscious expectations that lead to on-going struggles. By listening deeply, I am able to bring those expectations, and their results, to light. On a handful of occasions, diplomatically pulling back the curtain from hidden issues has created what I like to call ‘productive tension.’ 

That tension leads to a fresh perspective, deep understanding and a genuine curiosity  best part of serving authentically is that I both enjoy, and model for others, the truth that there is a vast difference between discomfort and disaster. Once you know that, by fully integrating ALL of our experiences, you get the most out of life.

Listening Deeply

Here is a hard truth.

Nearly everyone you meet is confused.

Confused about why they think what they think about what it means to be them in this world.

You hear…and maybe believe…stuff like this (I’m lazy. I’m not lovable. I’m a fraud. I’m always. It never. They won’t.) all the time, right?

It’s not that it’s nuts to think these things. You learned them for a reason. All of this confusion causes so much pain and struggle, that I believe gets in the way of adding your true value to this world.

Clearing up that confusion is what gets me up every day, and I bet it is simpler than you think.

I create clarity, by helping people to learn the truth about themselves and to love it. Once you know who you really are (rather than what you’ve heard), every decision that comes your way is SO much easier to make. It either fits, or it does not!

I know that, by helping people, couples, teams and organizations to live happier, healthier and more productive lives, I get to make the world a better place.

When I was a kid, adults called me Crusader Rabbit because I was always championing a cause, trying to make the world better.

Now, I’m called ‘Compassionately Intolerant.’

What that means is that I simply care too much to let you stay stuck.

With your courage, and my experience, we can put together a set of powerful, positive, and above all else, practical tools to get relief from your struggles of the past and to move forward into the life you’ve always wanted.

How do you answer the question. “What is my reason for being?”

If you don’t have an answer, it may be time to find one. Once you do, every decision you make in life will be made SO much easier.

Your mission is the structure into which all your scripts fit and by which you order all your steps.

Given what you know about me so far, what do you think mine might be? Well, even in my darkest moments, when the stress is crushing and my heart is heavy, no matter what the circumstance, I can tell you with confidence that my mission is this:

“I am meant to teach people the truth about themselves and to learn to love it.”

My purpose, in living my mission, is to add to the sum total of human happiness…and, by extension, to reduce the sum total of human suffering.

My Life Journey

The most asked question in my life is:

“How did you get here?”

There are several answers…

1) I traveled a hard road and, along the way, learned to help others find contentment

2) I walked from LA to DC…Really!

3) Lots of experience and education

Finding The Best In The Worst

I got into the helping professions for one specific reason; I know what it takes to go from bearing the heavy burdens of the past to living a life of joy, free from limiting habits and fears.

You’ve heard stories like mine on Oprah.

Thankfully, I’ve benefited from surviving extreme conditions by developing an ability to listen closely, empathize deeply, forgive completely, and to use all of what happens to each of us to its very best advantage. The truth is, you don’t have to come from a good background to have a great life. I have the proof and I am the proof.

Walking My Talk

It’s true! In 1986, I was part of a group that walked 3742 miles, from LA to DC. Nine months later, I was completely transformed and committed to making the world a better place with everything I do. There are a thousand stories about things I learned on The Great Peace March For Global Nuclear Disarmament but the short of it is this: There is always a solution, no matter what obstacles you see in front of you.

Great Peace March Logo

What it takes to live a purposeful, satisfying life is  courage and a willingness to let go of things that hold you back.

Learning Inside and Out

Living a very different life on the March taught me many different thing but the thing that affected me the most was the power off communication habits to support or destroy success.

Discovering this led me to the American University/National Training Laboratories Master of Science program in Organizational Development. There, I witnessed the tremendous wisdom and strength in every group, and discovered that I love the process of uncovering it. I also learned that a lot of potential goes tragically untapped, too much of the time.

You’ve probably seen, in your own workplace…that organizational issues are often just personal problems…amplified.

It became clear that, to be truly effective, I needed to work with people on a much deeper level, including all aspects of the human experience. While I don’t mention it unless the client does, spirituality, even lapsed religious views, affect how we feel about life and the world. This realization led to my next big life choice.

At Loyola College in Maryland, I earned a Master of Science degree in Pastoral Counseling. But much more than that, I learned the value of using the whole self in the healing process. There, I refined my lifelong passion for observation and language, while turning my world view into an unbeatable strategy for helping people to build the lives they really want.

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