Bonny King-Taylor Curriculum vitae
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Customer Service Manager

Awesome Con | June 2017

Provided mental health support for dynamic population of convention goers with fragile and excitable segments. Problem solved for a variety of situations including logistical Staff oversight

Resolved conflict between volunteer staff and within the customer base. Supported volunteer staff with strategic innovations, enthusiastic cheerleading and on-the-spot appreciation.

Mind Minder

Citizen Diplomat and American Hero | July 2015-April 2017

Developed program to increase intellectual stimulus and social connection for a non-profit leader and intellectual. Visited every week for 21 months and increased cognitive abilities from roughly 20% retention to 90% retention at peak performance. Gathered oral history and childhood stories for both family and historical preservation.

Director for Training and Communication

Saving Grace Petcare | July 2011-January 2017

Guided the oldest and most trusted pet care provider in the region from 10 to 45 staff, facilitated franchise certification and the attendant policy/procedures upgrade. Crafted all internal and external communication. Trained all new staff in canine behaviorism and practical client interface. Developed an undefeated process for reclaiming lost pets, both clients’ and community, within 2 hours. Successfully navigated significant public relations challenges, including death and dissatisfaction. Wrote and edited policy and procedure manuals, staff training program, and client communication.

Executive Coaching and Support

United States Agency for International Development | October 2016-January 2017

Guided leadership team through tension relief and goal setting via group presentations, strategy sessions with the Inspector General and through a series of personal coaching sessions with each member. Additional career coaching and transition consultation was provided when personal growth resulted in a strong desire for change in employment.



Master of Science in Pastoral Counseling

Loyola College in Maryland | Columbia, Maryland

Program incorporated counseling theory, psychopathology and multi-cultural perspectives to foster a holistic therapeutic experience.  Built on previous Master’s degree to better deliver consultation services.  In two clinical placements provided long-term mental health services to individuals, couples and groups in diverse populations.


Master of Science in Organization Development

The American University/NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences | Washington, DC

Program combined theoretical and experiential education with practical consulting experience.  Courses covered technical issues from Organization Planning and Control to Training Design and Facilitation; organizational issues including Cultural Diversity and Building Effective Work Teams; and development topics such as Interpersonal Styles and Effectiveness and Leadership.  Strong emphasis was placed on cross-cultural communication including culture shock and reentry stress.


Dual Bachelors of Arts in Communications and History/Soviet Dissident Literature

University of the Pacific | Stockton, CA

Studies emphasized journalism and the historic implications of personal and cultural choice-making.


Uncovering natural strengths and implementing creative solutions

  • Unsticking energy & processes
  • Real talk for positive action
  • Increasing tolerance for change



Providing a calming influence in crowds of both passionate and fragile communities

  • Empathy & understanding
  • Creative solutions on the fly
  • Resolving unsolvable issues peacefully



Applying psychological and sociological theory to foster calm and efficiency

  • Stress reduction through appropriate work flow and optimal layouts
  • Healthy process management
  • Strategies focused on preferred “End result” to divert problems



Offering strategic encouragement and appreciation to internal customer relations

  • Hiring consultation to build great teams
  • Mediation of inter-staff scuffles
  • Visioning and consensus building



Leveraging learning theory and effective performance

  • Process redesign and course correction
  • Leadership action planning
  • Program development and management



Focusing on what we want, rather than historical stress, ensures greater success for all

  • Staff development and motivation
  • Team building for fun and profit
  • On-the-ground cheerleading and energizing  


Private Practice

Leadership and Staff Development Coach | October 2003-Present

Designed and presented workshops to audiences from 10-100 focused on proactive tools and forward-thinking strategies to guide individuals and teams through problem resolution, mission development and goal achievement. Specialized in self-awareness through language and thought replacement behaviors, stress reduction, and personal responsibility. Coaching clients included education, government, corporate and spiritual communities; individuals and couples.


Mental Health Therapist & Counselor in Private Practice | September 2000-Present

Offered individual, couples and group counseling to a diverse population of clients.  Applied psychological theory, practical planning tools, and spiritual development to issues ranging from decision making, career development, wellness and problem solving. Facilitated popular classes on understanding and improving relationships.


Non-Profit and For-Profit Organizations Consulting | January 1994-Present

Consulted to a variety of organizations in the areas of team building, organizational development, capacity building, board relations, event planning and management and public relations.  In each client situation, a strong emphasis was placed on interpersonal communication, mediation and problem resolution.

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Project Lead

Department of LaborEducation and Training Administration & America’s Learning eXchange and America’s Career Kit | January 1998-January 2002

Served as project manager for these public services through the Department of Labor, the Council for Excellence in Government and the state of Minnesota.  Facilitated staff meetings, brainstorming and conflict resolution sessions.  Managed research staff. Supervised 15 focus groups across the US.  Developed and maintained a $1,000,000 budget.  Represented the project at more than 25 trade shows, demonstrating the product to audiences ranging from

5-200. Designed and implemented the transition of the America’s Learning eXchange (ALX) Consortium to the America’s Career Kit Consortium (ACKC).  Facilitated Executive Committee group process to manage member expectations and ensure a productive, efficient team. Created and managed America’s Career Kit Speaker’s Bureau.  Designed training-the-trainer program for the 40 member Bureau to ensure consistent and successful dissemination of product information and image.


Associate Director for Public Relations

Physicians for Social Responsibility | July 1991-April 1994

Coordinated all aspects of 1994 and 1992 National Meetings (more than 350 participants each), Board meetings, Chapter conferences, Capitol Hill press conferences and staff planning sessions.  Supervised meeting volunteers, consultants and support staff.  Coordinated the US-Polish Environmental Health Initiative, providing liaison and technical assistance to establish an environmental health center in Katowice, Poland focusing on childhood lead poisoning in Silesia.  Developed information infrastructure to provide access to Western medical information.


Special Projects Juggler

Qualitas, Inc. | August 1988-July 1990

Managed a wide variety of projects for this burgeoning startup software developer that grew from $100,000 annually to $1,000,000 per month in one year. Shepherded all media tours and trade show opportunities covering 20 states and all major high-tech venues and opinion leaders. Worked with technical support specialists to produce quality, customer-friendly manuals for memory management software products. Designed and delivered Softsell training-the-trainer programs and other customer education forums across the country. Coordinated and produced graphic design of product packaging, newsletters, promotional materials, and internal communications. Provided liaison with and analysis for, strategic partnerships that produced glowing media exposure and stakeholder satisfaction.

Logistics Coordinator

The Great Peace March, Inc. | October 1985-December 1986

Produced feasibility study and logistical plans (including safety, security, crisis management, public relations, government relations, temporary housing, food, and healthcare) and finalized the route for a group of 1400 citizen activists walking in an organized movement from Los Angeles to Washington, DC.  Represented the March to local, state and federal authorities, negotiating 287 sites on public and private land with limited resources.  Facilitated all communication between departments and agencies.  Managed crisis, mediated disputes. Provided problem solving expertise to keep the March running smoothly and all participants safe.

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