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Money is an essential part of both every day life and long-term planning.

How is it, then, that it is the #1 most taboo subject of conversation…and even thought?

It can be complex, but understanding how we developed the money issues that disturb our sleep and unsettle our relationships isn’t difficult. By knowing where your beliefs about money come from, and how they affect decision-making, you can develop a healthy and productive relationship with your money.

In Psychology Today, Dr. Brad Klontz describes Money disorders like this:

Money disorders are persistent patterns of self-destructive and self-limiting financial behaviors. They result from distorted beliefs about money we develop from our financial flashpoint experiences. Financial flashpoints are painful, distressing, and/or dramatic life events associated with money that are so emotionally powerful, they leave an imprint that lasts into adulthood. Financial flashpoints become the foundation of our financial struggles.

If any of these money disorders feel familiar to you, I hope you will be in touch.

  • Over-spending
  • Under-earning
  • Workaholism
  • Resentful or Guilty giving
  • Anxious spending
  • Clutter/Hoarding
  • Secret spending
  • Financial stress

Through an easily understandable process of identifying, accepting and rewriting your Money Scripts, you can have a much happier, more relaxed and healthier relationship with your money.

I help those struggling with money issues by:

  • Identifying the behaviors that breed money-related stress
  • Uncovering the beliefs and stories you learned about money early on
  • Demystifying emotional reactions to money
  • Creating an action plan for change what needs changing and appreciating what does not
  • Supporting you in maintaining a peaceful relationship with money and prosperity
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