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Pain & professional stagnation

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of the Inspector General went through some pretty traumatic years, struggling with wrong-fit leadership and a national scandal that brought both public shame and fierce Congressional scrutiny.

Their scars were practically visible, and the burdens left in the wake of the agency’s internal divisions made both domestic and international program oversight even more difficult than one would expect in a dynamic, cross-cultural environment.

The leadership team called me in to make an assessment, and to deliver a program geared toward shared expectations and advanced communication tools.

I made it clear that I actively resist using commercial program packages.  Instead, I listened deeply and offered personalized tools to clear away some of the emotional clutter standing in the way of effective teamwork.

In the end, I provided one-on-one coaching for each member of the leadership team which helped to alleviate long-standing interpersonal hurts to clear and effective career changes for nearly half the team!

Congress appointed an Inspector General from outside AID, with primarily domestic experience, making for an interesting culture shift within the leadership team. The coping skills, languaging options and tools for self-awareness the team members learned in coaching made that transition much easier.

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