Tired of Trying to Fix Yourself?

You need someone to show you the way past old patterns of thought and behavior.

Everybody needs a person. I am your Person.

Make Friends with Change

Why does everyone think that change is hard? Because we're primates. That's why your hind brain controls your survival. And the part of your mind that I like to...

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The Good P. M.S.

In this episode, we talk about the one behavior change model that rules them all. One that gets us past the expectation that people should just magically know what...

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Are your Wants “Don’t Wants” in disguise?

I'm Bonny King-Taylor, a life coach and counselor. And I want to welcome you to Tshirt Truths, where we talk about the ideas that, when we become comfortable with...

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Bonny is dedicated to your self-awareness and success

She is an award-winning life coach and counselor specializing in career development and personal evolution. She is an expert is interpersonal communication and change management, with over 20 years of experience in private practice. 

Her direct and innovative approach inspires deep trust, and focused action toward the highest individual and organizational potential. 

With Master’s degrees in Counseling and Organizational Development, Bonny brings wisdom, humor, grit and a dedication to, real, sustainable change to all her work.