Have you already tried ‘fixing’ yourself?

I love working with people who are self-help veterans or who have already done some therapy or coaching. Especially those who feel like they’ve talked all there is to talk about certain issues. There just comes a time when it feels as if, no matter how much progress you’ve made, the usual tools and techniques are all played out.

MINDSCAPING is an elegant solution for that.

If you’ve run into brick walls, it’s because your deepest issues are not easily accessible to the conscious mind. You can chip away at them, and use behavior/thought exercises to make change and to get much better results, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

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Bonny King-Taylor

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Does the term “Over-thinker” apply to you?

It’s okay if your answer is, “Actually, I think just the right amount, thank you!”

BUT, if you struggle with cyclical thoughts that spin on hurt feelings, a negative experience or a life decision, but never seem to resolve anything, you qualify as an over-thinker.

This is a term I use with great affection, considering I’ve been there, done that, and counted all the molecules on my bedroom ceiling while ruminating about goodness knows what.

So, if you identify as an over-thinker…welcome to the club!

If you dwell in the realm of dark imaginings and worst-case-scenarios, you need a way out.

The best way to become a resolved thinking…one who is satisfied with choices and at peace with experiences, you need a  process. Just wishing or hoping makes it almost impossible to achieve what you want.

The truth is, we simply aren’t taught how to imagine, much less articulate, what gives us joy. Or even what makes us most comfortable. Is it any wonder that we focus so much more on what we don’t want?

My Make It So program makes it easy to clear up that confusion and to focus your thinking in a way that it has a beginning, middle and end!

By finding the right language and keeping your eye on the prize, you calm your brain, focus your intention and order your steps in the direction of your highest good.

Doesn’t that sound like a relief?

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