When is resentment like a hot pot?

One of the things I see a lot in the troubles my clients experience is stuck, stubborn, seemingly insurmountable, resentment. You know, the stuff that bubbles just under the surface, waiting to blow up into something bigger than it needs to be.

Think for a moment about something that is really stuck in your craw.

Hold that thought, and then ask yourself what I’m sure will seem like a silly question…

How do you feel about washing dishes?

    • Do you get to them right away and clear up the mess so you can start fresh with the next meal?
    • Do you leave the dishes so that they become sticky, crusty and a pain to get clean?
    • Do you use the excuse of ‘soaking’ to put off getting the job done?

Believe it or not, your approach to dish washing may be a clue to how you deal with conflict resolution.

My grandmother taught me a great lesson. Washing dishes…and especially, pots…while they are hot and fresh, takes much less effort, less water and a lot less time. Not to mention the bonus of having things clean and in order when you want to enjoy your next meal.

Letting old resentments stay ‘stuck’ gets in the way of your happiness just like an unwashed pot. In fact, if you don’t clean that pot properly over time, it can actually poison you, right?

Don’t let unfinished business poison your present.

Even more, importantly, don’t add to the current pile of pains by adding one more!

First, imagine what it would be like if you really, truly resolved your day-to-day issues so that you always have a clean slate to work from.

Then, for contrast, remember what it is like to wade through gross, stuck-on resentments and anxiety.

See yourself washing away the old, unfinished business…I can coach you through that painless process…and then make sure that you address each new issue while it is fresh. That means resolving things in the best possible moment, which is usually NOW.

Trust me, the five minutes of discomfort it takes to get clarity and clear up an issue in real time is much more satisfying than having to scrub and scrub away at a baked-on bother.

Roll up your sleeves, grab that mental scrub brush and enjoy a good wash up. It will make life so much cleaner and easier!

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