Month: February 2017

When is resentment like a hot pot?

One of the things I see a lot in the troubles my clients experience is stuck, stubborn, seemingly insurmountable, resentment. You know, the stuff that bubbles just under the surface, waiting to blow up into something bigger than it needs to be. Think for a moment about something that is really stuck in your craw. Hold…

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7 Steps to Facing and Beating Your Fears

  What is your greatest fear? For some, it’s getting older, speaking in public or being alone. My personal Mt. Everest…the fear I have had the most difficulty managing is…needles. Fear is a natural, and sometimes necessary, part of life. These days, however, fear seems to color everything from our personal relationships to our buying…

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She called me a name! And I liked it

My ’surrogate mom’…the woman who has been the best kind of mother to me for the past 29 years…called me compassionately intolerant. I think I may just have to get a tattoo of that phrase, or at the very least, a t-shirt. I suppose it seems odd to be delighted by being labeled ‘intolerant’, but…

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