Do your thoughts run around your brain
like an over-caffeinated hamster on its way to nowhere?

You are not alone!

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overthink definition

Does the term “Over-thinker” apply to you?

It’s okay if the answer is, “Nope. I think just the right amount, thank you!”

BUT. Cyclical thoughts that spin on a problem or a life decision, can make you feel trapped and they never actually resolve anything.

I use the term ‘over-thinker’ with love because, I’ve been there, done that, and counted all the molecules on my bedroom ceiling while ruminating about goodness knows what.

So, if you identify as an over-thinker…welcome to the club!

When you find yourself focusing, over and over and over again on possibilities and past experiences, it can make it seem like you can never reach your goals.

If you dwell in the realm of dark imaginings and worst-case-scenarios, you need a way out.

The best solution for this condition is well-crafted statements of intention. To make the best use of these beautiful intentions, you need a process. As opposed to wishing or hoping, which makes it almost impossible to achieve what you want.

The truth is, we simply aren’t taught how to imagine, much less articulate, what gives us joy. Or even what makes us most comfortable! Is it any wonder that we focus so much more on what we don’t want?

My Make It So guidebook helps to clear up that confusion and to focus your thinking in a way that it has a beginning, middle and resolution.

By finding the right language and keeping your eye on the prize, you calm your brain, focus your expectations and order your steps toward your true desires.

Doesn’t that sound like a relief?

Download your copy now and Make It So!

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