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Client Policies


Client Policies


__Missed sessions will be made up if rescheduled 48 hours prior to your regularly scheduled time.

__Sessions cancelled for non-emergency reasons with less than 48 hours-notice will not be made up.

__Your scheduled time is your time and cannot, and will not, be reassigned.

__Service package fees are paid in advance. Session by session fees are paid prior to each appointment.

__There is limited flexibility for session-by-session fees, but between-session support and any other services are not available with this option.

__Payment must be received in advance of service.

__You may terminate a package agreement at any time, provided all appropriate fees for sessions used have been paid.

__Package fees will not be refunded for unused sessions unless by mutual agreement. Any agreed upon refunds of unused fees will be processed as quickly as possible.

__I take your privacy very seriously and will protect your personal information to the best of my ability. I expect that you will protect yourself as well.

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