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Studies are showing that many clients are so focused when doing the work in the comfort of their home or office that they achieve even better results, in fewer sessions, than in-person. Without traffic, parking and childcare concerns, your stress investment is reduced.

Note: I have one rule…NO cellphones in cars!

Four 50-minute phone sessions with unlimited between-session email support, handouts and personalized homework assignments are a $600 per 4 session investment. This includes between session support, handouts and receipts for reimbursement for ‘out of network provider’ services via your insurance company, employee support department or deductions.

Individual sessions are $175 and specialty programs are priced separately.

Payment Options

I prefer payment via Zelle, which connects to every major bank. Find the app here. Use email address:

To use credit and debit cards via Paypal, click here.

In-Person (until further notice, no in-person sessions are available)

My office is easily accessible by Metro and there is usually ample on-street parking. Be advised that my dog, Cagney is in the space, though he rarely works with me. If you have allergies or the slightest concern about dogs, he will not be in the room during your sessions.

Four 50-minute sessions, with unlimited between session email support and

Four ‘quick calls’ for on-the-spot problem-solving and support, handouts and personalized homework assignments are a $600 per month investment.


Relationship coaching programs may include the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory, one of the most effective tools for asking the questions couples don’t think to ask. Communication building, forgiveness, premarital counseling and problem resolution plans are custom designed for your particular needs.

Couples counseling, including four 50-minute sessions, with unlimited between session email support and four ‘quick calls’ for on-the-spot problem solving and support, handouts and personalized homework assignments are a $600 per month investment.

The commitment/premarital program package includes the administration, scoring and analysis of the PREPARE questionnaire and 6 50-70 minute sessions, between session email support and a 3-month follow-up phone session. On-line scoring is also available for a slight additional fee. Your investment in a happy life together (as opposed to just the wedding day!) is $850.

Coaching Circle Groups

Small groups of 6 to 8 participants offer shared wisdom, reality checking and collective support. Each centers on general educational needs or specific strategic goals.

Self-forming groups enjoy priority scheduling.

If you would like to bring a group of friends/associates together, I will design a custom program to meet your needs. Contact me for details and pricing.

Walk and Talk Coaching

Something wonderful happens while walking and talking. It is a true integration of the mind, body and spirit that dissolves blocks more quickly and anchors commitment more deeply. Sometimes, walking can have a motivational and therapeutic advantage over sitting.

Please keep in mind that Walk and Talk sessions are weather, fitness and time of day dependent and are not suitable for a discussion of very sad or hurtful issues. They are great, however, for working off frustration!

I offer Walk and Talk sessions either as part of an in-person package or as stand-alones. Join me for a transformative stroll.

For obvious reasons, this service is not available during periods of social isolation or shelter in place orders.

I wish you good choices!

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