She called me a name! And I liked it

compassionately intolerant tattoo

My ’surrogate mom’…the woman who has been the best kind of mother to me for the past 29 years…called me compassionately intolerant. I think I may just have to get a tattoo of that phrase, or at the very least, a t-shirt.

I suppose it seems odd to be delighted by being labeled ‘intolerant’, but it is so true, I can only celebrate it.

I AM intolerant of one thing in particular…Forgive the terrible grammar, but it is completely NOT okay with me for you to be unhappy, if there is anything that can be done about it.

My mission is to add to the sum total of human happiness. I do this by teaching people the truth about themselves and how they can learn to love it. Sometimes, my passion for this mission leads me to be, shall we say, adamant about letting go of misconceptions, recognizing the difference between discomfort and disaster and embracing what really works in our lives.

The tools are here! They are positive, practical and much simpler than you can imagine. And once you learn to use them with the same kind of compassionate intolerance for the baseline misery, with which, too many of us have become comfortable, life becomes so much better.

Do you know what your mission is? Perhaps now is the time to find out.

A mission is the organizing principle, through which you filter all your decisions.

  • Does this relationship support my mission?
  • Is this my right work?
  • Am I living my truest values in all that I do?

You can tell when you’ve uncovered your real, and true values when you would be okay trading your given name with each value.

For example, you could call me Truth, and I would not be offended. And, if my wonderful mom were to call me Compassionate Intolerance…well, I’d be okay with that too.

I’d love to hear what drives you to be who you are. And if you need help figuring out exactly what that is, email me and I’ll help you find your mission.

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